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Full-Figure sued over defamation

Music and event promoter, Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo, has sued musician, Jennifer Nakangubi aka Full-figure for allegedly defaming him.
A lawsuit that the People Power pressure group member lodged before the High Court in Kampala on April 15, claims that on April 1 this year, while appearing on a TV program called Uncut, Full-figure uttered statements that were not only false but defamatory in nature.

“Full-figure alleged that Bajjo sired a child with her and abandoned her,” the documents state.
More so, Full-figure alleged that Bajjo is already sick and that if hunger doesn’t kill him, sickness will.

According to Bajjo, the alleged defamatory statements caused him to be shunned by fellow music promoters.

He also says because of the alleged defamatory statements, he has been cast in deplorable light as a man who does not take care of his children and one who has nowhere to sleep.

Bajjo also says he has suffered economic loss and damages as a music promoter, businessman, advertiser and a politician. He also says the statements have fuelled disunity and conflicts within his family.

Through his lawyers of Balikuddembe & Co. Advocates, Bajjo wants the court to declare that Full-figure defamed him and to order her to compensate him with Shs50m.

The music and events promoter also wants court to issue a permanent injunction, restraining Full-figure from making further defamatory statements against him.

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