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Big Eye threatens to beat Gravity after challenging him to fight

Since the lockdown started, there have been several fun challenges that have come up especially on social media. Most of these challenges have been welcomed and many people have taken part just to pass time. While some challenges have been put up without specifying on who should participate and who should not, Big Eye’s challenge was very specific on who he wanted to take part in this challenge.

The troubled musician Big Eye Starboss whose real names are Mayanja Ibrahim is very ready to teach his fellow musician Gravity Omutujju a lesson, he wants their beef to end inside a ring not just words.

For over two weeks now, Big Eye and Gravity Omutujju have been talking ill about each other over unclear circumstances. Big Eye has therefore called upon fellow artiste Gravity Omutujju for a boxing challenge.

“Gravity has for a very long time been talking ill about me. I would like to challenge him to a boxing match. Whoever wins, will stop mentioning the other’s name. He should just welcome this challenge and we settle this once and for all. I’m tired of his big mouth,” said Big Eye in a video clip that aired on Spark TV.

On hearing this, Gravity laughed it off saying that Big Eye is not his level. He added that the only people he can go into the ring with are Bebe Cool and Chameleone because those are worthy opponents.

The two have been verbally firing at each other in different interviews. One of the fans claimed that Big Eye is just looking for fame nothing else.

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