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Beton boss nursing wounds after fight with Zahara Toto

Reuben and Toto on vacation in Nairobi earlier this year

Reuben Robert, Zahara Toto’s new boyfriend is nursing wounds after the two lovers got involved in a fight on Saturday evening while at his home in Luzira.

News reaching the Sqoop desk indicates that during the scuffle, Reuben slid and fell on the floor hitting his head hard. As a result, the Beton boss was checked into a hospital where he received treatment. He was discharged from the hospital on Sunday night.

According to our source who preferred anonymity, Reuben sustained serious injuries. “Part of his head is bandaged which indicates that he fell hard.” The incident has however not stopped the TV presenter from going on with her normal life. She has been reporting to work, with no sign that her love life is in a mess.

The source further noted that the two have been fighting over Toto flirting with other men for a while.

It is rumoured that Toto is still “seeing” her Sudanese ex-boyfriend Don Solo, secretly.

After Reuben and Toto traveled to Nairobi for a week-long vacation a few months ago, the two made plans to move in together which is why Toto has been spending all her weekends at Reuben’s house.

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