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Another 21 days: Beer company joins home delivery band wagon

It is still going to be party after party for beer lovers after a beer company has come out to join the bandwagon of delivering products to people’s doors steps.

As other companies are opening up websites to enable people to order foodstuffs online while in quarantine, Nile Breweries Limited has also opened up a website.

The site is meant to help those who cannot easily access beer shops since bars are closed for another 21 days. Unlike other companies delivering foodstuffs, Nile Breweries is delivering alcoholic drinks to doorsteps of orders that are made through their website

According to sources, the beers are delivered depending on where someone is located in and around Kampala from their depots. The nearest depot is their rescuer.

After the President added more days of quarantine, some Ugandans on social media were suggesting that he should let them change location while others wanted permission to go out and buy drinks since they were caught off-guard during the first lockdown.

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