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30 minutes with Okello Okello

Okello Okello

A day after the President announced a ban on public gatherings, Fun Factory streamed their show live on social media and although that did not last another day, some people picked lessons.

One among those people is comedian Okello Okello, who has not gone to sleep in the quarantine but rather started his 30 Minutes Live show last Tuesday.

The show is basically 30 minutes of skits and a detailed discussion with an expert and among the guests he has hosted so far is Dr T Amale and the analyst was Dr Daniel.

The first edition did not go as planned though, because of bad Internet connection while his other guest could not be on the show because of the transport issue.

When asked about this, Okello Okello, real name Joshua Okello, said very many people are spending time on social media and he wanted to use this opportunity to give them something worth their MBs. He adds that he will be doing this thrice a week.

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