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I wet my bed until Senior Four – Deejay Erycom

Deejay Erycom

Deejay Erycom, real names Eryck Mutebi is a professional Ugandan deejay and music promoter who has travelled 33 countries playing and promoting Ugandan music.

First thing you do when you wake up..

I open the Bible App, read a random verse, I digest it so that it takes me through the day.

First thing you do when you get to work…

I turn on my office TV, to either watch NTV or Aljazeera. I do this to get the latest news in Uganda and the rest of the world. Since I travel a lot, I have to know what is happening in different places.

Earliest childhood memory…

I cannot forget that I used to wet my bed until first term of my Senior Four. This will never get off my mind.

First best friend…

Ntaganda Robert, he’s still my best friend, He stays in South Africa.

First kiss…

It was with a girl called Christine, she was my first girlfriend. We were both students at Kampala International University and this particular moment was during our first semester. That kiss! She basically took me through the whole process.

First book you read…

It was Joseph Kamau and Andrew Cameron’s documentation of Idi Amin’s rule; Lust to Kill: Rise and Fall of Idi Amin.

First job…

In my Senior Four vacation, I worked as an Internet Café attendant.

First salary…

I used to earn Shs60, 000 that I used to manage my day to day life.

Current job…

I am a DJ, music promoter and IT consultant. I’ve been doing this for more than 20 year in and outside Uganda.

What do you like about your job?

My DJ job has taken me to 33 countries, It pays me well, Deejaying has enabled me achieve all I ever dreamed of. But my IT job bores me.

Memorable experience…

The first time I got on a plane in 2005, the stewardess asked me to make a meal order and I said I wanted matooke, sweet potatoes, rice and fish. I got so angry at her response that she had never heard of such food. I almost slapped her.

Biggest regret in life…

I once bought a plot of land in Mukono town and quickly sold it off with a profit of Shs1.7m. I regret that decision every time I pass that place and I see a beautiful arcade seated on that plot.

Best advice….

My advice goes to parents, please, always give your children a chance to do what they practically want to do instead of forcing them to do what you wish.

My mother forced me to be a dentist, but I am a deejay, and I achieved what most dentists are still dreaming of. I always tease my mother with that joke, and she ends up laughing out loud.


DJ Erycom has since 2007 utilized the power of technology to promote Ugandan music and make it cross frontiers most people never believed.

He’s known as one of the first people to promote Ugandan music through YouTube and various mixes, then most Ugandan artistes did not own YouTube accounts.

Today, music has taken him from Kampala night clubs to more than 30 countries where he’s usually invited to perform.

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