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I paid for my most expensive item in installments – Douglas

Apart from being a talented presenter, his exceptional sense of style has always caught people’s attention


Casual: Douglas Lwanga has been presenting on TV for more than 10 years. However, apart from being a talented presenter, his exceptional sense of style has always caught people’s attention. Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with him.

What fashion style describes you?
Casual smart best describes me and by this, I mean jeans, t-shirts, caps and casual shirts.

Why casual?
I present a music TV show which doesn’t really call for a suit and tie.

What do you consider before dressing up?
I consider colours that will look good on screen and the weather of the day. Colours like yellow, red, and black with some noticeable designs. Something that will strike the eye.

What three things can’t you leave home without?
My phone, cross bag, and power bank.

What is the cross bag for?
The cross bag has my driving permit, national ID, work ID, power bank, two phones, car keys and money for the day.

Where do you shop from?
Yuppy’s Clothing located at Freedom City where I’m also a brand ambassador.

Does being an ambassador mean you get the clothes for free clothes?
I don’t get them for free. I buy them at a discount but they style me every day I’m supposed to be on air.

How much do you spend on every shopping spree?
Between Shs400,000 and Shs600,000.

On what?
Usually I buy complete outfits every time I shop. One pair of shoes at Shs250, 000, one jean at Shs150, 000 and a jackets costing Shs100, 000.

What is the most expensive asset in your wardrobe?
It’s a shoe that cost me shs800, 000.

What type of shoe is that?
It was a Philippian shoe but I think the seller exaggerated the price. I remember buying it in installments.

What is the cheapest item then?
Quite many especially t-shirts that cost me shs15, 000.

For how long do you put on a cloth?
It depends on my liking for the cloth. If I love it, I can even do three years.

What happens to those clothes you get tired of?
I give them out to the less privileged.

Do you go to the gym?
I don’t do the gym, it takes a lot of time but I exercise at home.

What kind of exercises?
I do 50 pushups, I also lift some dumbbells to keep my arms fit as well as squats.

How often do you go to the saloon?
I go to the salon once a week and on every visit, I spend two hours.

That is a very long time in the salon. Why do you take so long?
They do facial, head massage, wash and I also cut my hair.

Tell me about your eating habits?
Most times I eat corn flakes and milk plus bread for breakfast and sometimes plain milk and spaghetti while other days I do katogo for breakfast. Occasionally I skip lunch due to a busy day schedule then I eat a lot of rice for supper with any sauce. Rice because I have never liked matooke since childhood.

What perfume do you use?
Shockingly, I take long to buy fumes. I receive gifts of fumes from people who have traveled, but if I buy, Invictus and Sauvage for men are my best.

What fashion trend disgusts you and why?
I don’t like trends that make men dress like women, however trendy it is. That disgusts me.

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