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Bobi Wine lauds Chameleone, says he and Bebe cool just have fundamental differences

Bobi Wine (C), Chameleone (R) and Bebe Cool (L)

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool were last seen together at Eddy Kenzo’s concert in 2019 where they exchanged pleasantries after almost ten years of not crossing paths.

This gesture excited many especially fans from respective camps. The two artistes have been at loggerheads with each other for over ten years because of music. Recently though, they do not see each other eye to eye because of their political differences.

Bebe Cool is a staunch supporter of the ruling NRM party while Bobi Wine who is also the MP for Kyadondo East is the leader of the People Power movement. While appearing in an interview with Mc Ibra, Bobi Wine admitted that he and Bebe Cool have never been in touch again and their last interface was during Eddy Kenzo’s concert.

“It had been ten years since I met Bebe Cool when we met at Serena that night, of course, the feud musically has always been public but we outgrew that.” Bobi Wine said. According to Bobi Wine, you can’t outgrow everything at once and he says it was a good thing meeting Bebe Cool after such a long time.

“I respect him as a person even if we don’t agree on the same things. We, however, have to paint a picture in the eyes of Ugandans and our children that shows that you can disagree but still have respect for each other,” Bobi Wine said.

According to the ‘Kyarenga’ singer, it is not right to stop Bebe Cool from singing because he doesn’t share the same ideologies as Bobi Wine. He concluded by saying speaking the truth shouldn’t depend on how much one has been paid.

“All Ugandans would be happy if we woke up one morning and we are all preaching what is in the interests of Ugandans, not selfish interests. That’s why I give a big shout out to Jose Chameleone, he and I were never close, but when I started following him, I realized he has good intentions. I recently thanked him for speaking the truth because the truth sets you free and can easily erase your past mistakes because we all are not saints.”

He also believes that it’s not too late for Bebe Cool to ‘’feel’’ for his people because as artistes people follow them a lot. He asked all artistes including Kenzo, Mayinja to work together through their voices to preach what is right because it brings togetherness considering that most people love and believe in them.

Bobi Wine also commended Chameleone for making a brave move by declaring his bid to stand for Lord Mayorhip come 2021. “I was happy to hear his intentions because my main reason for joining politics was to encourage fellow artistes, journalists, ghetto youth who can to also come up and we build a new Uganda.”

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