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A Ka Dope set for a new season

IN BALANCE: Before the coronavirus breakout, events organisers had plans and among those was the A Ka Dope people, who launched their 2020 season. Andrew Kaggwa was there.

Before curtains came down on social life as we know it, there were still rays of life on our Kampala streets.

Last week, at Kurb Kampala in Kisementi, the organisers of A Ka Dope called together a few stakeholders and partners to launch their new season.

A Ka Dope is an interesting platform that gives artistes of different types of sound that is rarely on radios and TVs, an opportunity to perform.

Over the years, the platform has worked with artistes Sandra Nankoma, Ann Nassanga alias Afrie, Kenneth Mugabi, Apio Moro and Mo Roots, among others.

At the beginning, it was a simple gathering, an intimate audience and music, then it went on growing and taking different forms and at different venues.

The mainstream audience got wind of the music sessions after the A Ka Dope weekend was organised in 2017, then performances were based on mash-ups.

This saw Byg Ben collaborate with Apio Moro, Shifah Musisi with Kenneth Mugabi and Haka Mukiga teaming up with Jackie Akello.

Soon they added online A Ka Dope sessions that have had artistes such as The Mith, Buka Chimey and Lilian Mbabazi.

At the new season’s launch, they were redefining their journey, launching a new performance platform as well as a partnership with one of the biggest music labels in the world.

Dubbed One Night Only, the organisers noted that it will comprise seven different shows that were initially supposed to kick off on April 17 with Ykee Benda.

Francis Kyomukama, one of the team leaders of A Ka Dope, noted that Uganda has a lot of diverse talent that barely gets noticed or even when they get a chance, they need a lot of schooling around handling a career or fame.

For One Night Only, the team will bring together both established artistes, local and international, not to simply perform but teach something to those they inspire.

The group also announced they will be having a partnership with music label, Universal, although did not detail what the partnership will entail.

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