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We are celebrating 10 years of unity – Fun Factory

January 5, 2010 was the day that Bugingo Hannington, Richard Tuwangye and others decided to start Fun factory after breaking away from Theatre Factory.

“It was all about growth,” Tuwangye spoke about the bold move they made. “It wasn’t easy in the beginning but we were determined to see it through and that pushed us stay stronger.”

The comedy outfit is going to be celebrating ten years in the game in April on Holy Thursday labelled ’10 years of fun factory’ and it will be held at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Asked why they didn’t have the event on the January 5, Tuwangye said that since they have an umbrella as comedians (The Uganda Comedians Association) that governs them, they had to pause their show for other comedians who had already scheduled their shows to do them. Besides that, they needed thorough preparations for this event.

During a press conference held at National Theatre, the group said this is going to be their biggest show ever.

“There is a reason why we have been together for all these years. We are a family. We understand each other. We know what is at stake and having known where we come from, every member on the team knows what this means to us. We have been having 5-Star madness but this is so big for us,” said Kwezi Kaganda.

Dickson Zizinga added that they will be putting up their best skits in those ten years so it’s in every one’s interest to be part of the show.

Fun factory played a pivotal role in inspiring other comedy outfits like the now defunct Krackers and Crackers among others to also try out their luck at stand-up comedy. But they couldn’t last the taste of time.

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