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United Musician Alliance launched in Masaka

Some artistes from Masaka led by Brian Ssekiwunga and Sir Micheal. Photo by Brian Mugenyi

Music is like sport. The two can attract people as well as uniting them. For Masaka’s case, a lot has been at a pause. Forget the days of Herman Basudde, a renowned singer whose talent in telling stories through music inspired many yet still he was hailing from Masaka.

Basudde set the pace in the music industry in 1970-1997 but at his home soil, music entirely had died a cold natural death.

Last Friday, local musicians from Masaka turned the tide and launched United Musicians Alliance as a way of reviving music home and all went on as planned on the paper.

Led by the legendary musician as well as a businessman Michael Kalumba 40, different musicians turned up and sang lots of songs. The event was graced by renowned musician Sophie Gombya who doubled as the chief guest.

Gombya who is the president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) and is known for songs like; ‘Nkwesize’ and ‘Spare Tyre’ welcomed the initiative and advised musicians to continue working hard to promote their talents. She also encouraged artists to maintain that togetherness so that they benefit from their talents as a team. “Teamwork is very key in the music industry. Strive to create new and everlasting music,” Gombya said.

The day was lit with performances from Sir Michael, Jane Nampita and Angel Malaika. It was the first time to see live band music winning hearts of many at Garden Courts Hotel.

The sole initiative of organizing the event was to embrace the power of art in the southern region and bringing all musicians from Masaka together which was heavily achieved.

Artists also launched a committee led by Sir Michael (Chairperson) and fourteen other members.

UMA (United Musician Alliance) Management

Chairperson: Sir Michael

Vice-chairperson: Jane Nampita

Secretary: Snow Mukisa

Finance: Ssekiwunga Brian (SK Brian)

Welfare: MC Micheal

Publicity: Steven King

Talent search Team

Jimmy 3bros

Savings committee

Jane Nampita

Steven King

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