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Trevor Noah bids live audience emotional goodbye amid coronavirus fears

Comedian and Daily Show host Trevor Noah revealed that the show will no longer tape with a live studio audience from Monday to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The comedian paid tribute to audience members with a song, as the show prepares to ban live audiences amid coronavirus fears. Noah decided to bid farewell to his audience with a special song.

That tribute was crafted into a farewell song, sung by Noah, where he highlights some of his favorite types of audience members from over the years:

I’m gonna miss those guys who love to explain the show, the people with the weird-a** laughs are the ones I’ll miss the most, the guy who came to kill me, but then I won him over with my jokes, the fans who came from Africa and just wanted to hear about home, no one knows about Uganda, man, but I’m gonna miss you!” It’s enough to make you cry — just try not to touch your face when you do.” Are some of the lyrics from the song he composed for the live audience. As he sang, footage from the previous shows played on the screen.

We still hope he will come to Uganda sometime after his fans clashed with him on twitter over a show he was allegedly supposed to perform at but quickly trashed the rumour.

It all started with Noah discrediting an article by a local tabloid that claimed the US-based celebrity comedian was on coming to Uganda to grace comedian Salvador Indringi’s comedy show, denied he had any plans of visiting the ‘Pearl of Africa’.

This was enough to tickle Ugandans on Twitter who took to the hashtag ‘Trevornoahvisitsuganda’, urging and persuading Noah to reconsider his decision as they bombarded him with memes, local cuisines and countless images depicting beautiful sceneries. In their creativity, the Ugandans even edited him into various locales that would best suit a tourist of his stature.

After Ugandans On Twitter (UOT)’s successful trail of convincing, Trevor tweeted “OK Uganda, you win. I’ll try to visit sometime. But when I land, I want the original Rolex made by Sula in Wandegeya #TrevorNoahVisitsUganda” but has never made it to Uganda.

In his farewell song to the live audience, he responded to a man who asked him to talk about Uganda saying “No one knows Uganda man” which left us wondering if he will ever visit Uganda.

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