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Sleeping with MC Kats not an achievement, says girl who recorded ‘sex video’

Faith Ntaborwa

Faith Ntaborwa, the woman who was seen in a video with MC Kats in what looks like a compromising situation has said she had no ill intent and is not the one who leaked it. The video that was recorded by Faith shows an exhausted half naked Kats lying on a chair covered with a duvet. The clip also shows used and unused condoms.

Faith yesterday in an interview with Spark TV said she has been friends with MC Kats for a long time (since 2017), and nothing more than that. She says what is happening is not a big deal as she is not trying to make news. Faith explained that she lost her phone a few days ago which is how the video leaked.

“MC Kats and I are just friends and I am not using the video to be popular because if I wanted to use him to get famous I would have done that already. Because I have a lot of things that have happened between him and me that I can spread to the public to get attention. My phone was stolen a few days ago and it had no password hence the leaking of the video,” she said. She empahzises that sleeping with MC Kats is not an achievement, “What is in that video that is to be proud about? Sleeping with MC Kats? No! That is not an achievement,” she stated.

Faith Ntaborwa with Mc Kats

Faith also said the whole saga has affected her terribly because she has stained her family’s name which she is trying hard to clean. The mother of one says she has a family to protect and wouldn’t hurt them intentionally.

“People get high and do bad things and that was me at that moment, I wouldn’t love to expose myself this way all in the name of fame because I come from a responsible family and I want the world to know that I didn’t leak the video,” she said.

When asked if she is in a relationship with MC Kats, she doesn’t give a clear answer but says she has been with Kats and gone to his place more than three times.

Faith who said she has no relation to Fille (it was rumoured that they are cousins) who is Kat’s on and off lover said the two are just friends and she has met her only twice. She adds that she had no intentions of destroying Fille’s relationship with MC Kats as she met the latter much later and is truly sorry about the incident.


Faith says she hasn’t been in touch with MC Kats since the video leaked. She however is apologetic to him. Neither has she talked to Fille who is her friend; she does not plan to talk to her yet, because she says, “it’s a messed up situation”.

Faith who has also been linked to artistes like Bebe Cool denied anything intimate going on between them, saying she is just his friend and fan. She also says she owes no one an explanation and is not sorry to anyone apart from her father because the world will always judge.


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