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Shoes are my most valuable items – Jacob Omutuzze

Love for Shoes: Born Jacob Akugizibwe, Jacob Omutuzze is a deejay, promoter and radio presenter at Dembe Fm. He hosts three programmes, Love Request Show, Dembe Taxi and Africa Koona. He has been at Dembe since 2005. He talks to Isaac Ssejjombwe about his fashion.

What fashion design describes you?

I’m the kind of person who loves denim, high boots and long sleeved sweaters.

Why that particular style?

For the boots, I got an injury back then while playing football. Timberland and high boots make my legs firm which isn’t the case with low boots where I could injure myself again. For the denim and sweaters, I spend most of the time in cold air conditioned places.

How many pairs of denim do you have in your wardrobe?

For the number of sweaters and denim, I lost count. But for shoes, I own 100 pairs.

Why own all those shoes?

It’s because my father never bought for me any single pair of shoes. I went to school barefooted, so I promised myself that the only thing I will consider precious in my life will always be shoes. I used all my first salary to buy shoes.

Are they all of the same make?

No they are not. I have Timberlands, Texas cowboy shoes, sneakers and formal shoes as well.

Why would you have formal shoes?

I have formal shoes because I bought them along with the three suits I own.

How often do you wear these suits?

The last suit I wore was during Rema and Hamza’s introduction. I only wear suits once in a year even less.

How much did you buy the suits?

Because they come as full package (suits and shoes), I used Shs800,000 on each suit in different shops around Kampala.

Where else do you buy your clothes?

At Yuppies, then Nas Boutique and others abroad when I travel.

How often do you buy clothes?

I don’t have a specific time. I just find myself buying, on other occasions, my guys call me when they have something interesting.

How much do you spend each time you shop?

I can’t really tell because sometimes, I buy a trouser at Shs120,000 and each trouser I buy, I have to get a top to go with it. For the shoes, I buy one or two pairs every time I shop.

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

I have three pairs of Kentucky Western cowboy biker boots. I bought each of them at Shs700,000.

Why spend so much on them?

I used to see cowboy movies and actors looked good wearing them. I have them in black and two that are brown.

And the cheapest item in your wardrobe?

Boxers. That I bought at Shs15,000.

What perfume do you use?

I use Brown Orchid, Issey Miyake, Suave Intense.  I have a lady that chooses the best perfumes. I don’t use the same perfume all the time; you will find me with a different scent at different occasions. I don’t mind about the label but the scent.

How much do you buy them?

The cheapest goes for Shs150,000 all the way up to Shs500,000.

Are you a gym person?

I don’t go to the gym.


Why should I?

Are you a saloon person?

Yes. I visit the saloon once a week to trim my hair and beard. I spend Shs15,000.

Which fashion style do you find outrageous?

Men who wear women clothes.

Which celebrities do you consider fashionable in Uganda?

Capt. Mike Mukula. He’s always on point with his suits. Then Exodus, he knows how to go about his clothes that are always matching with his skin complexion. Even Fik Fameika.

Do you wear to please yourself or others?

To please myself. That is why you will sometimes find me balancing my trousers. If I feel like wearing a vest, that’s what I will do.


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