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Pallaso is not worth an apology– Kato Lubwama

Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso last week launched an attack on Comedian and MP Kato Lubwama accusing him of being insensitive and foolish after he claimed the singer played a stunt in South Africa.

Kato while appearing on Spark TV said Pallaso claimed to have been clobbered by xenophobic mobs yet he didn’t sustain any injuries.

“Musicians have repeated stunts. Someone goes to South Africa and all of the sudden comes out to claim that he was battered but even without any injury,” Said Kato Lubwama.

Since then, the musician and the comedian have been at loggerheads.

Pallaso hit back, at the legislator calling him insensitive. He further implored the electorate of Rubaga South to discard Lubwama in the next election, saying he doesn’t deserve to be their legislator. Pallaso also demanded for an apology from Kato Lubwama for tarnishing his name.

However, last night while on Spark TV, Kato Lubwama said he is never going to apologise to Pallaso because he is not worth it.

“Pallaso has a big problem with his head and needs to see a psychiatrist. He needs to know that being an MP is not a joke. He is still looking for a future yet I am already in my future, I heard him demanding for an apology but I am saying this in front of the cameras, I will not apologise to Pallaso because he is not worth apologizing to.”

Kato Lubwama went ahead and advised the singer to go to the studio and do good music and stop riding on stunts because one day, he will be beaten and killed.

A seemingly angry Kato Lumbwama also said Pallaso is too young to be fighting with him. “When I was doing these things, Pallaso wasn’t born yet. He is like cracked feet that I scratch he needs to know his level because I am a legend and he is just a young boy.”

Pallaso hasn’t yet responded to Kato Lubwama but we shall keep you posted.

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