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My wife and I knew about Grace Khan and Jovan’s witchcraft issues – Geoffery Lutaya

Geoffrey Lutaya and wife Irene Namatovu

For the past few days, singer Grace Khan can has dominated the entertainment news for the wrong reasons. This comes days after she reportedly broke up with her manager Kojja Kitonsa. The former member of the Da Nu Eagles band has been involved in witchcraft allegations. She’s alleged to have practiced witchcraft against fellow singer Jovan Luzinda who was also a member of Da New Eagles.

Grace Khan and Kojja Kitonsa in their hey days

During an interview with Uncut on NBS TV, the former bosses of the musicians confirmed that they knew that some of their members were practicing witchcraft.

“By the time it came out to the light, we had sat in several meetings to find a solution to the issue.” Geoffrey Lutaya who is the founder of the group said.

According to Lutaya and his wife Irene Namatovu, the team would ask for meetings claiming there was witchcraft going on in the group.

“Jovan came to me and claimed Khan had bewitched his wife and child yet in our house, witchcraft is life a Muslim and pork, they don’t mix. I then approached my wife and told her we had no future with those kids after what he had been told by Jovan.” Lutaya said.

Grace Khan

His wife then decided to take them for in Bukalango hoping for a change. A week after the prayers, another musician came and claimed that someone had practiced witchcraft again.

“I got so irritated and didn’t want to associate with them anymore because I wasn’t ready to lose my reputation.”

That was when he called for a meeting to dismiss them but my wife advised we inform everyone who was involved in the recruitment of the singers before they could do that. That’s when they approached Joanita Kawalya to talk to them. Lutaya, however, said Betina Namukasa was not among the accused singers. When the couple and Joanita Kawalya failed to advise the couple to stop whatever they were doing and focus on music, they had to let them go.

When asked if he knew about Khan’s visits to Sheikh Umar, he said he is not sure if it’s true because he wasn’t there.

Jovan Luzinda

Jovan has come out and promised to take on the advice that has been given to him by Geoffrey Lutaya who he refers to as ‘Father in music’ who advised him and Grace Khan to stop believing in witchcraft and concentrate on music.

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