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Maurice Kirya sets the stage for Fezah 2020

The first Fezah show was just an unplugged affair of an audience of 50 or even less. The artistes programmed were those available for booking on Fezah, relatively not mainstream.

Yet three years later, the shows that have since taken on different theme names have become the epitome of live music on a monthly basis.

On Saturday, singer and songwriter Maurice Kirya opened the calendar for this year’s Johnnie Walker Fezah Live shows.

Kirya has been trying to host a show since dropping his fifth album, Beyond Myself towards the end of 2019. But as he always wants to be intimate, he seemed to favour a setting that will allow him to get up close with the audience.

And that is what he served on Saturday at the Industrial Area-based Design Hub. Kirya showed up on stage a few minutes to 9pm and after a few songs, he was probably already tired of the sitting arrangement.

Kirya is one artiste who always feeds off the energy of his audience thus wanted them close and just like that, he asked those willing, to come closer. This may have messed up the whole sitting arrangement, reservations and VIP tables but that is when the show really started.

It was a mix of feels; the early 2000s Maurice Kirya experiences to the shows he has had at Serena Hotel. He played and told stories in between, talked about the inspiration of different songs, his journey and escapades.

Most of the people that usually get closer at Kirya shows are ardent fans, thus they do not only love the music, they live it.

They notice a song regardless of the way he chooses to start it, they know the key pattern, the groove, basically they scream regardless of the band member playing, and they are always right.

Some knew all the lyrics to songs such as ‘Munonde’, ‘To Love You’ and ‘Gimme Light’, that are off Beyond Myself, an album not as celebrated as Book of Kirya or Misubawa for instance.

But the epitome of the night must have been the throwbacks, some are songs he had not performed for years such as ‘Boda Boda‘, talking about the process of casting the Albino girl.

“She asked me why I wanted to cast her, and I told her because she was beautiful,” he said.

‘Wooye‘ and ‘Mulembe Gwa Kirya‘ were others that got the audience singing along. Kirya said he will be in Jinja and Gulu, the first time he will be performing in some of these places.

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