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Maurice Kirya reminds public about HIV amidst fight against coronavirus

Maurice Kirya

After the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Uganda, the public was advised by the President and the Ministry of Health to stay home to avoid spreading the virus more.

The President suspended all public transportation for 14 days.

This simply means people are going to spend more time with their loved ones. As every other artiste is creating awareness on coronavirus, soul artiste Maurice Kirya took a different direction. Yes, the singer asked the public to take precautions against coronavirus seriously since the virus is life-threatening but he urged them not to forget about HIV because it is real and kills.

“I hope you all remember that HIV is still a deadly virus and still has no cure. During this lockdown with your loved ones, “he advised on social media.

Maurice further added that it is paramount to know each other’s status especially the people you are involved with. “Please practice safe sex.

Kirya who is known for songs like ‘Busabala’, ‘Misubawa’, ‘Boda Boda’ and ‘Insane’ among others has on rare occasions come out to advise people on such issues.

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