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Jackie Chandiru dodges Cindy

According to a reliable source, Jackie Chandiru is in Nairobi and has been there for some good time. On learning this, Cindy reportedly tried to reach out to see if she could have her perform at her concert tomorrow but all hadn’t materialised by the time we filed this.

“I have been practicing with Lilian for my Boom Party show and I would really want to have Jackie too. But I haven’t been successful in getting her,” said Cindy during the press conference earlier this week.

From what we gathered, Cindy was hoping to reunite and reignite the memories of Blu *3 and when Jackie’s husband heard of Cindy’s intentions, he decided to immediately end their stay in Kenya.

According to our source, they will be heading back to Europe and for good because mbu he doesn’t want Jackie in Uganda at all over her drug abuse past.

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