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It was not all play for the Phaneroo men

Forget the Men’s Conference that only happens on social media. On Saturday, men truly gathered in flesh at Kololo Airstrip for the annual Men Gather conference.

The third edition of the conference, organised by Phaneroo Ministries, was no disappointment as men from all walks of life thronged Kololo Airstrip starting at 9am to participate in games including rolling tyres, climbing ropes, target shooting, paint ball, quad biking.

And knowing how much men love cars, there was an array of classics and dream cars for men to admire and buy. But of course all many could afford was to take selfies and get feels of the cars.

The men also discussed issues such as real estate, saving, talks on how to bring dreams and goals to fruition as well as how to manage the pressures of life.

The talks were led by Brig. Gen Felix Kulyagiye, who was a breath of fresh air as he cracked ribs and vividly spoke about bedroom issues.

The event was summed up with a teaching from Apostle Grace Lubega who encouraged the men to keep hungering for God while also being an influence in the world.

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