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I will be conducting prayers online – Pastor Bugembe

Yesterday evening President Museveni gave a directive that overcrowded places should be closed effective March 20, 2020, for 32 days and among these were schools, churches, and bars to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. He also canceled the scheduled upcoming events until further notice.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe of Light the World church in Nansana is one of the affected people by this directive.

The pastor who doubles as an artiste however, believes it is only wise to follow the president’s directives at the moment because even the bible says we should respect leaders. He, however, notes that it is going to be a hard time but this will not stop him from preaching the gospel as he will going to continue preaching online through his Facebook page and on Spark TV.

“Jesus heals, and if you believe praying on TV or online is not any different because the word is the same today, tomorrow and forever,” he said in an interview with Spark TV.

When it comes to the offertory part, Pastor Bugembe says people should stop making it look like that all pastors collect offertory to satisfy their needs.

“No, that’s not the reason I collect offertory, for instance, I have orphans I take care of, we are constructing Light of the World church which is going to be on a standstill for now.” Pastor Bugembe said.

He went ahead to say that sickness doesn’t discriminate and that no matter how much money you were going to make from an event, it doesn’t equate to the life of a person or even the pain of losing a loved one.

“This is very pain full it is a trying moment but it is good pain, like a woman who goes to labour knowing she will come back smiling despite the pain,” he said.

He asks everyone to respect the president’s decision but also pray for our nation because when the leaders run out of solutions, we all run to God for help.

Pastor Bugembe who had several performances lined up to out of the country, canceled them because of the epidemic and requests fellow artistes to be patient because it is better than dying.

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