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I thought I had failed- Peter Ssematimba reacts to UACE performance

As other students were jubilating for excelling in the just-released Uganda Advanced Certificate of Examination (UACE), Busiro South UACE, Peter Sematimba was worried about his aggregate.

The MP who passed with 13 points scored credit six in General Paper, a D in Christian Religious Education (CRE), a D in Literature in English, a B in Art and credit four in Computer Studies, totaling to 13 points out of 20. According to him, the thought these were very bad grades as he isn’t used to the Ugandan grading.

“Truthfully, I didn’t know the Ugandan grading. I was worried that I had performed badly when I saw the marks because I didn’t see A’s but rather saw B’s. I’m used to A’s, B’s and when I get C, I complain so I was so afraid,” said Sematimba in an interview with Spark TV.

He added that it was people’s feedback that was an indication that he had gotten good grades because of their excitement. “I’m so happy with the results although it was not what I expected it’s what God enabled me to get because the marks have not embarrassed me.” He added.

When asked why he decided to sit for A-Level, yet he already had academic papers that equate to UACE, the Super FM proprietor said that he decided to go back to school for the people who don’t understand the American grades. Besides that, he said that he had to spend over shs300million in court fighting to show ignorant people that he has equivalent grades from the US.

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