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I respect legends – Teacher Mpamire on why he moved show date

Comedian Herbert Mendo Ssegujja, better known by his stage name Teacher Mpamire is a Ugandan comedian who is famous for mimicking President Museveni. The comedian who has been contemplating on whether to stick to the date that had been originally set for the show that is May 29, has finally confirmed that his upcoming one-man show dubbed ‘Teacher Mpamire Live’ has been moved from May 29 to June 2.

May 29 is the day that legendary singer Jose Chameleone will hold the ‘East Africa Ggwanga Mujje’ concert.

On whether he chickened out and feared a flop because of the Chameleone concert, Ssegujja said that he respects Jose Chameleone as a musical legend and was simply avoiding the pressure of having the show on the same date with a big artiste moreover in the same vicinity.

“My show is a comedy show and Chameleone’s is a musical show but you can never tell where people will choose to go to because they can easily choose one over the other and to prevent all that, I sat down with my team and we decided to change it from the date we had set initially to June 2,” Ssegujja said.

He went on and said that June 2 will be a weekday but it falls on the eve of Martyrs Day so he gives his fans a good way to usher in the Public Holiday.

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