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Pallaso is not my level- MP Kato Lubwama

MP Kato Lubwama



“Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy,” renowned author Roy T. Bennett once said.

This perfectly describes the verbal fight between comedian and Rubaga North MP Kato Lubwama and singer Pius Mayanja known by his stage name Pallaso over the singer’s reported attack in South Africa where he had travelled to shoot his music video.

Days after Pallaso said he had forgiven the MP, it seems their fight is far from over. The 50-year-old MP said the Ekiro Munzikiza singer needs psychiatric treatment after he said he would decampaign him in the next elections.

 “I see people like Pallaso down my feet. He’s still looking for a breakthrough and a future. I don’t even owe him an apology. He should tell people what happened and who did what to him. I’m almost his father’s age mate. He should humble himself. He should change his lifestyle. I don’t want to destroy his future,” the MP said in an interview with

When asked why he should not meet Pallaso and sort their difference outside the media, the MP instead insisted he would first meet Pallaso’s dad.

“I will talk to his father first. He (Pallaso) is not my level. I think he needs to see a psychiatrist.  For me to say it was a stunt, it was my opinion. He should have instead come out and deny it. Musicians should stop making stunts. Stunts are done by musical failures. Pallaso only sings for drunkards. Does he have any sensible song! He even threatened to decampaign me in my constituency,” the mp added in an interview with vlogger WOLOKOSO Mu Ug Extra


Pallaso is not worth an apology– Kato Lubwama

Pallaso forgives MP Kato Lubwama and S.Africans who beat him to pulp


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