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Frank Gashumba questions Bebe Cool Cricket Oval incident

Following what happened to Bebe Cool on Saturday evening during Cindy’s ‘Boom Party’ concert Cricket Oval, 11 people have been arrested as suspects for pelting bottles at the musician but Frank Gashumba thinks this was all planned.

According to Gashumba, Bebe Cool was behind it all intending to receive more money from the president. Gashumba adding that after taking a closer look at the videos making rounds, no sane person would have stayed on that stage following the flying bottles from every angle.

“SFC, FBI, CIA, KGB should investigate bottle throwing at concerts. I highly suspect this was staged for Bebe Cool to gain sympathy and attention. No sane person can stay on stage while being pelted with bottles not knowing what is inside them.” Gashumba wrote on his Facebook page.

The Sisimuka CEO further added that having gone to school at the right time, they are not idiots. Bebe was first pelted with bottles at the same venue two years ago during the 10th anniversary of Swangz Avenue after which he announced taking a break from making performances for three months.
However, to Gashumba, Bebe Cool must know something concerning the whole issue and that he should be investigated to ascertain whether he is the man behind the incident or not.

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