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COVID-19: Eddy Kenzo’s team finally postpones festival

Most promoters had postponed their events before the President’s speech yesterday but singer Eddy Kenzo and his team had insisted that ‘The Eddy Kenzo Festival’ would still go on despite the coronavirus scare.

Nonetheless, after the directive by President Museveni, they have finally surrendered and decided to abide by the president’s directive. With this, the organizer of the festival, Chopper Chopper from Luba events called for a press conference earlier today at Route 256 and addressed a few things concerning this festival.

He said that the festival is still going to happen and activations will still go on but a new date will be communicated soon.

“The Eddy Kenzo festival is a very big dream that has taken big investments that I can’t even disclose but if it concerns people’s lives being in danger, then it is only right that we push it because there is no amount of money worth anyone’s life. Activations will still go on but details on the new date will be communicated after we have agreed,” said Chopper Chopper.
He also said they had stocked many bottles of sanitizer that were going to be used at the event but with the cancellation, they are going to distribute them in different places like markets, malls and shops for free.

“The reason we had not cancelled the festival yet was because we had reached an agreement with the Ministry of Health who gave us measures on how to go about the coronavirus pandemic and among those was getting sanitizers for every person who was going to attend. We had stocked so much for next Saturday. Because of this, we are going to start a campaign of giving out the sanitizers we had in store in different places because by the time we resume, it might not be really necessary or we might need less than what we have in stock,” he said.

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