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Eddy Kenzo prays for health workers and medics handling covid-19 patients

Eddy Kenzo

Coronavirus disease is spreading rapidly around the world as officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11. As of today, 735,336 people have been infected and the death toll is 34,818 while those that have recovered are 156,137.

The numbers are increasing daily, and the disease has impacted at least 175 countries. Health workers and medics all over the world have dedicated their lives to safe people despite knowing that the more patients they see, the greater their risk of becoming infected with Covid-19. Some have unfortunately lost their lives while trying to save the lives of the infected people.

Their commitment to work comes with a heavy psychological burden that their many hours in hospitals could harm their families.

Singer Eddy Kenzo who is currently in Ivory Coast had come out on his social media and asked the Almighty to protect all health workers attending to coronavirus patients. In a tweet, Kenzo said, “Almighty. As more become infected with the virus, healthcare workers & medical staff worldwide are working longer hours with a higher risk of contracting the disease themselves. Protect them, grant them strength and sustain them in their call of duty. Help them to stay safe!”

Meanwhile, it was reported that football legend Didier Drogba said he is ready to offer a private jet to the ‘Tweyagale’ singer for him to return to Uganda.

Eddy Kenzo was in Ivory Coast at the time the President of Uganda locked down the airport to people coming in and getting out of the country to reduce the spread of the coronavirus disease in the country.


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