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Did Judith Heard fake Covid-19?

While some people are running away from coronavirus, there are a few people who are feeling so left out and are doing things to possibly keep relevant.

Among those people is Judith Heard, who started her active role on the Covid-19 fight by offering to reach out to relatives of people abroad. Last week, however, stories of the socialite being a likely victim of the virus went out and this week a reliable source close to the model whispered to us that Judith Heard reached out to some of her friends and asked them to post messages on their timelines empathising with her just so she could be ‘talked about’.

Although some of her friends went ahead and did as she asked, some refused. We hear the socialite was recently in contact with Tanzanian artiste Mwana FA who tested positive, there was no proof she had tested the same by the time she sent out information.

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