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Daddy Andre responds to sexual assault allegations

On March 23, 2020, upcoming artiste Nadia Rania came out and exposed singer and music producer Daddy Andre for asking her for sex for them to shoot a video of the song they had recorded.

Nadia says she didn’t ask Andre for the collaboration but rather found Andre’s voice in the song when she went to pick it up after production. According to Nadia, she was okay with this since Andre is a good musician and has had very successful collaborations.

She went ahead and paid the video shoot’s expenses to a videographer recommended by Andre but on the day of the shoot, he didn’t appear. After a while, he called to his place and I went with my manager, I begged him to come to the shoot next time so that I can get that song video out as soon as possible since the audio has been out for a long time. Every time she calls Andre about the shoot, he dodges her and when she texts him on WhatsApp, he starts asking her for sex saying he misses her.

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In a call recorded by Spark TV, Andre has come out and refuted all the allegations pinned on him by Nadia.

“I don’t have time, I just returned from Mauritius, and when some singers are desperate to be known, they create such allegations,” the ‘Sikikukweka’ singer said.

He, however, doesn’t deny that he didn’t ask for money for the collaboration and says he has never asked any artiste for money for collaboration but threatened to leave everything to her and not appear in the video if she continues spreading false rumours.

“I am not ready to shoot the video because I don’t want the song to go out yet, this is not a season to start releasing songs, she has to be patient until the day I want to shoot, and she can’t force me into it because she is not my mother or father to force me into anything,” Andre added.

Andre further says that Nadia is just a friend but what she is alleging doesn’t surprise him because she is just a struggling artiste who wants to make a name in the music industry.

Andre concluded by saying he will send her his manager’s number so that they can conclude everything to do with the video shoot.

“I thought I was helping her as a friend but if she wants serious business she should talk to the label I am signed to, to conclude everything about the video shoot,” Andre said.

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