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Cindy didn’t want the proposal to overshadow her show

Early this week, social media woke up to a shocking video making rounds – the video had been posted on Cindy’s timeline with the caption: “So on 2.02.2020, I said yes”.

Girl was engaged and for more than one month, she and her actor boo, Joel Atiku Okuyo, had kept it under wraps. We wondered why anyone would guard such beautiful news and according to Cindy, it was all intentional.

From what we gathered, she held onto the video and forbade all personnel at the bar where the proposal happened to release or say anything because she did not want the news to overshadow her Boom Party concert.

Well, considering how we have seen artistes pull moves towards their concerts, we would definitely have also talked mbu all this was a stunt – why lie? We are happy for you Cindy, congrats girl!.

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