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Call him Jim Kraizy, Tororo’s dancehall master

dancehall star: Jim Kraizy may be a star in Tororo but getting to where he is has not been an easy ride as he shares with Olivier Mukaaya.

Dancehall star: Jim Kraizy may be a star in Tororo but getting to where he is has not been an easy ride as he shares with Olivier Mukaaya.

Tell us about yourself?

My real name is Musa Kawanya but popularly known by my stage name, Jim Kraizy. I am a Muganda born and raised in Tororo District. I am an upcoming artiste, songwriter and fashion designer.

When did you join the music industry?

It is coming to more than 10 years not but professionally,  I have been doing music for three years.

What inspired your stage name?

I got the name Jim Kraizy in high school. My friends used to call me crazy because I had a character that was a little different from ‘normal’. When I joined the music industry, I decided to called myself JIM (Just In Mind) KRAIZY (for crazy).

Who inspired you to join the music industry?

Locally, I was inspired by Peter Miles and Jose Chameleone and internationally, it was Sean Paul. All these musicians have different styles of music which I admire a lot.

Who writes your songs and how many songs have you produced so far?

I am a songwriter so I write my songs and so far I have produced around 30 songs, including ‘Bintu Byo‘, ‘Baala’, ‘Temusobola’, ‘Guardian Angel’, ‘Maam’, ‘Searching’, ‘Mr DJ’ and so many more.

Which of those songs helped you break out?

It was ‘Bintu Byo‘.

Which type of music do you do?

I do dancehall music.

And who produces your music?

I work with many producers, including Sweetest Sounds Records, One You Production and so many more. The reason I switch producers is because I want a different sound. If you keep using the same producer, the sound will always be similar in your songs, which I wouldn’t want.

What is your take on the music industry in Tororo District and in Uganda as a country?

The music industry in Tororo is still down because our people do not support us but instead listen to music from Kampala, which keeps us struggling. But we are growing because musicians are producing good music.

What else do you do besides singing?

I am a fashion designer based in Tororo.

How are you able to balance  music and fashion?

I programme myself.

What challenges have you faced since you started singing?

Promoting music is very expensive; if you do not have money your music will not go far and also getting very good producers is very expensive. Those who cannot afford them take years to sell their music.

Any achievements so far

I have managed to create good networks, which I believe will help me widen my music and business.

What advice can you give other upcoming musicians?

I advise them to work hard so that they can be able to pay good producers to do good quality music for them. Music needs investment.

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