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Bruno K on why he wrote a song for Faridah Nakazibwe

On Friday 28th February 2020, Faridah Nakazibwe surprised many when she hosted singer Bruno Kigunddu commonly known as Bruno K on her morning show on NTV dubbed “Mwasuze Mutya.” This was after rumours started making rounds on social media alleging that renowned media personality was having a romantic relationship with the artiste.

During the show, the ‘One for the Road’ singer trashed the rumours saying that he has never been friends with Nakazibwe and that he just seeing her TV and that was the first day he was meeting her. However, Bruno confessed that he loves women who are ‘older and mature’ just like Nakazibwe.

“Who wouldn’t love Faridah? She is one of the very few beautiful and intelligent women that I have known. It is an honour to be interviewed by her, such attacks on social media are not new to me because he has been attacked before, and I have also been linked to Don Zella and Lydia Jasmine.”He made this statement while on the show.

Bruno K revealed that will never date ‘young and pretty girls’ again because they are too much work.

Bruno K, who is said to be in a relationship with the much older Nakazibwe, also added that young and pretty girls do not know what they want as he has dated one before who left him on the verge of death.

He got frustrated and went through depression as well as having suicidal thoughts and having experienced all that, Bruno K became bitter towards young girls and would rather go out with mature, down-to-earth and God-fearing women.

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After the Friday “Mwasuze Mutya” show, Bruno K has been actively posting on his Facebook page photos and videos of him and Faridah.

In one post, Bruno K captioned with the words “kakyibalume” which directly translates as “let it hurt you.”

Bruno also came out to announce that he had released a song titled ‘Faridah’ saying he was just fulfilling a promise he made to her after the show. “I promised to record for her a song after the interview and I always fulfill my promises.” Bruno said.

In the song, Bruno K claimed that he had lost hopes of finding true love but Faridah made him believe in love again.

“Faridah my love omukwanogwo ntelese munji nyo Faridah my love am your one true love,” is how the chorus of the song goes.

He however asks the media, to stop spreading false information because it misleads the public.

“But seriously, why would you publish such false stuff? I have never even said hi to Faridah, I just see her on tv. Publishing something like this about a married woman and a mother is serious disrespect. What’s wrong with our media JESUS CHRIST?” Bruno K tweeted on Tuesday.

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