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Bettinah warns US club over her photo


It’s not common that you will see a photo of a Ugandan hanging on the walls of a public place in the United States of America.

For some, it would probably be a blessing but for TV host and socialite Betty Nassali aka Bettinah Tianah, using her photos without consent seems to offend her.

On Wednesday, the Ugandan fashion critic asked Amarachi, a popular Nigerian hangout in New York City, USA to take down her photo hanging on one of their walls.

“I didn’t want to address this but today is just not the day So a couple of people have sent me, my photo hanging in one club in New York City This is to inform everyone that I’ve not sold or authorized anyone to put my portrait anywhere more so a club. If you know the owner of Amarachi, a popular Nigerian spot in NYC, USA Please send them this, I need them to contact me or take down my portrait from their club,” she tweeted.


However, this is not the first time Bettinah has had issues with the use of her photos in public places.

In December last year, through her social media platforms, Bettinah sent a warning to anyone that wished to care to ask for her approval before sharing any photo of hers.

“Dear all, this is a kind request, please don’t share any of my photos from the ASFAs last night without getting approval from me first, please?? Awulidde ategeza omulala. Thank you for understanding and God bless you,” she said.

She also informed photographers that she would not be taking any photos while attending Blankets and Wine be it by professional photographers or those using phone cameras.


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