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Bebe Cool’s son beats up Aganaga in bar scuffle

Last night, Bebe Cool’s first son Allan Hendrick aka Paper Daddy was involved in a bar brawl with singer Khalifah Aganaga.

According to a source, Aganana walked into a bar where Hendrick and his friends had been. Moments after Aganaga settled in, Hendrick walked to him and asked him to stop disrespecting his father Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool. That is when the two started exchanging words, and it all ended up in a brawl.

Two days ago, Aganaga had thanked Ugandans for pelting bottles at Bebe Cool and even made a video making fun of him forgiving the suspects who had pelted bottles at him at Cricket Oval during Cindy’s ‘Boom Party’ concert.

In a one on one with Aganaga after the brawl, he said, “Bebe Cool should take his son back to school, I grew up without a father but I grew up to be someone in society, but the boy has a father and grandfather who are financially stable but he can’t behave right, release or write a good song.”

According to Aganaga, Hendrick walked to him and started attacking him saying he should stop disrespecting his father and the ‘Kiboko’ singer didn’t hesitate to respond to him telling him that if they have an issue with him, the two should go to his office and discuss it.  Khalifah went ahead to say he is helping Hendrick because his father put him in a position where he can’t succeed musically.

Bebe Cool and his son Hendrick

A few weeks ago, Aganaga had advised Bebe Cool to invest in his son’s music as much as he invests in his.

“I advise him to grow up, I just forgave him today and didn’t fight back because I have passed through that stage of my life but next time I will cut off those dreads and take you back to your father to teach you manners.”

Aganaga also said that the reason his father is pelted with bottles is that he has no manners and the son is walking in the father’s footsteps.

Aganaga concluded by saying he will soon make it in life without begging like his dad and advised Hendrick to get a job. “You may be able to rub shoulders with the current president but it may not be the case with the next president and I don’t think you are educated or wise enough to survive that.”

The management of the bar managed to calm Hendrick down before he left the bar without saying a word to the media.

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