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Bebe Cool to pay fees for Bobi Wine’s former driver’s children

Earlier today, Bebe Cool said that he got a chance to speak to the wife of the late Yasin Kawuma who was Bobi Wine’s driver. Kawuma was shot dead inside Bobi Wine’s Tundra vehicle in Arua town where Bobi Wine, with several other opposition MPs, had pitched camp in Arua to campaign for former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) member of parliament Kasiano Wadri.. He learnt that her children are not doing well and that one of the daughters is doing housework for a living.

“I discovered that one of the daughters of the late Yasin Kawuma was a house girl at some home. I felt touched and concerned. It is on this note that I promised the mother that I will be taking the children back to school,” he said in an earlier interview.

Zuena’s husband further stated that he will be looking for a cheap government school where the children will receive their education.

This comes after the singer was pelted with bottles allegedly by People Power supporters.

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