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Fans left wondering if it was real or publicity stunt after Bebe Cool forgives suspects

Artiste Bebe Cool has for the first time spoken out since he was pelted with bottles at Cricket Oval during Cindy’s ‘Boom party’ concert. Unlike the first time when he was whisked away from the stage when the bottles started flying, this time around, he went on despite bottles raining on him. The ‘Wire Wire’ singer, believes that it was promoters Bajjo and Abitex who rallied people to do this shameful act.

The day after the incident, 11 people were arrested as suspects for participating in the act.

“Today I had a chance to meet the relatives of the different young men who were arrested on Saturday for pelting bottles at me on stage. I forgave the culprits because some of these relatives were mothers, wives with babies and the fact that they are young men being ignorantly used. But I asked them to have relative conversations with the arrested culprits about refraining from such acts that would harm innocent Ugandans, themselves and their families,” Bebe said.

The suspects were not tried in court or proved guilty which is why many people including Frank Gashumba have come out to doubt if this was real or just a publicity stunt to get the President Museveni’s attention.

A one Badiru Senkumba took to social media and posted “#Bebe is pelted with bottles…. Immediately, #Muhoozi tweets condemning the acts of violence and tasks the policeee…, In less than 12 hours the police arrests suspects (11)…

All the suspects relatives with out #Hesitation and #Denial go to #Bebe to ask for forgiveness on behalf of their beloved ones….

Without #Hestation, #Bebe forgiveness them and order for their releaseee… Minus being taken to Court.. inorder to curb down the so called hooliganism….

Do you guys think we are fools??? My thinking is above a nursery kid…. This was all staged just to make up a stunt on the success of the concert owner….”

So do you think it was real or just a stunt?

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