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Bebe Cool blasts Jose Chameleone for offering son collabo

A few days ago, singer Jose Chameleone came out and offered Bebe Cool’s son Allan Hendrick a collaboration since his father has not seen how important it is for an upcoming artiste to be pushed by an already established artiste. Chameleone further stated that it would make sense for Bebe Cool to offer that collaboration to his son but if he is not willing to, the Leone Island boss was willing to do it for Hendrick’s career.

This didn’t go down well with the Gagamel boss who on watching the clip from the interview, Bebe Cool retaliated. He told the ‘Baliwa’ singer that every man has his way of bringing up their children that why he as Bebe Cool makes sure his children are self-dependent.

“Thank you, my comrade, Jose Chameleon for your offer to my son Allan Hendrick. But with due respect, every man has a way they bring up their children, and as for me I choose to bring them up so as they are self-dependent, not to depend on their parents.” Said Bebe Cool.

He, however, says that it’s okay for the children to make use of the opportunities that surround them but he wouldn’t advise his son to do a son with Chameleone because he (Chameleone) is too big compared to him which would make no sense for an upcoming artiste like him.

“Allow him to go through his baby steps as they teach him much more than what the eyes and ears enjoy so that he can for sure be ready to stand alone against this hush world.” He concluded.

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