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Aly Alibhai puts his live shows on hold

Salvador, McKenzie and Nina Roz

Talent Africa CEO Aly Alibhai after the President issued a directive to stop musical shows, he came up with a plan B. Alibhai’s plan B was to set up a studio at his offices that do audio and video productions.

On top of that, he decided to start what he referred to as the Talent Africa Group (TAG) TV. On the Live TV show hosted by Radio Personality Bryan Mckenzie, Patrick ‘Salvado’ Indringi and Selector Jay, Alybhai airs artiste’s performances on his YouTube and Facebook page to be accessed by social media users on their tablets, phones, and smart TVs.

As all was going on well until last night when the President issued other directives where he stopped night movements and also banned private means of transport on the road which many referred to as a total lockdown.

Speaking to Alibhai about the progress of the live online TV show, he said that for now, he will put it on hold but it doesn’t mean the content will not be airing again. “When we started the TAG online TV, we shot and put together too much content that will be running concurrently in this lockdown period,” he said.

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