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Museveni bans music shows, weddings and religious gatherings over coronavirus

President Museveni. PPU PHOTO

Schools have also been suspended for a month


Revellers who have been frequenting discos, music shows, bivulu, bars and the like will have to suspend merrymaking for at least a month as the government moves to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Uganda.

Although Ugandan had no confirmed coronavirus case as of March 18, President Museveni in his address said prevention was better than cure.

“The next frontline of fighting the virus is to stop the merry-making ? the discos, the dances, bars, sports, music shows, cinemas and concerts.  These are very dangerous gathering points with the virus around. Drunkards sit close to one another.  They speak with saliva coming out of their mouth. They are a danger to themselves.  All these are suspended for a month,” President Museveni said.

The president also banned weddings that attract huge gatherings for 32 days in a bid to fight against the spread of coronavirus.

“The issue of Uganda-style weddings that bring together a pentagon of groups: the clan members of the bridegroom (Kishweera); the clan members of the bride (Kishwerwa, Omugore); the maternal clans of the two couples (Obukojja – Obwihwa); the school alumni of that couple; and the neighbours and friends. These tend to be big gatherings of people coming from the 6 points of the compass. This multi-directional source of the Mbagga attendees, can be a source of great danger. It is, therefore, decided that the wedding of this type should be postponed for 32 days from today. If, however, the couples intending to marry are really in a hurry, they could go for a purely scientific wedding, only involving the core stakeholders who are: the bridegroom, the bride, the best man, the assistant to the bride (matron), the Priest (or the CAO), etc., as long as the number is less than 10 people.  The scientific marriage could, then, later, at an appropriate time, be followed by the Uganda-style one. Maama Janet and I, used the scientific one in 1973 and we have not regretted.  The “Corona-virus” that time was the Amin regime. Much, much later, with adult children and grandchildren, Janet and myself, were able to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our marriage the Uganda-style with the whole Rwakitura compound full of people, with our grand-children as the brides-maids. The impatient intending couples could look at this model,” the president said in his national address about coronavirus.

On the side of the economy, there is no doubt that some sectors like tourism, hotels, sports, entertainment, among others, will be hit by the phenomenon of this disease.

“However, others like the manufacturing sector will get a boost.  The countries of the World, by their selfish actions, are, again, waking up Africa that it is ? suicidal to depend on others.  I have warned our people to stop talking like the selfish foreigners by trying to stop the little we have, being exported to other African countries.  We can keep a bit for ourselves but we shall share with the others whatever we have.  The blocking of imports should, therefore, get the long-sleeping Ugandans to wake up and use the huge amount of money they long earned by turning our market into a dumping point for foreign goods to build our own manufacturing capacity.  Through the BUBU, we shall help those groups.  Everything you have been importing, except for petroleum products for now, now make here. The US$7bn you have been using to import, keep it here.  Turn misfortune into an opportunity,” President Museveni said.

He also ordered for closure of schools and other institutions of learning and suspended religious, political and cultural gatherings for a month.

Summary from the Presidential address

  1. All primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational schools and universities closed temporarily for one month.
    2. All church and religious gatherings suspended with immediate effect.
    – Pray from your homes since God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent & Omniscient
    3. Political or cultural public meetings are all forbidden for 32 days with immediate effect.
    4. All outbound movement by Ugandans to or through the countries affected by Covid 19 is banned.
    5. Ugandans abroad are not stopped from coming home but must undergo mandatory quarantine
    6. Nonagricultural and workplace like factories, offices, markets, parks etc
    Will continue but with procedures of dos and donts put up by the ministry of health
    7. Ugandan style weddings that bring together many people discontinued.
    The only people allowed will be
    bagole, best man, matron, priest, assistant only etc
    Less than 10 people to be allowed for now
    8. Funerals
    Burial to done by nearby relatives then the mourning will be postponed and rituals done later.
    If the dead person died of Covid 19 the state will carry out the burial.
    9. Public Transport
    Will continue but under strict MOH guidelines
    10. Discos, concerts, bivulu and the likes are banned for 30 days
    11. Monthly or weekly markets are suspended for 30 days
  2. Nutrition
    Ensure you eat a Balanced diet
    Take in good quantities of oranges (ascorbic acid) , lemons and ripe bananas for folic acid
    13. Don’t sneeze fwaaa(ensure you have tissue or a hankie)
    Wash hands with soap regularly
    Make it a habit not to touch your eyes nose or mouth with unwashed hands.

Avoid clapping

Minister Jane Aceng
# Drink adequate fluids at least 3 litres per day
# Eat lots of fruits for vitamins to boost your immunity
# Eat lots of vegetables for antioxidants
# Frequent meals for optimum health

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