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VIDEO:MP Ssebulime denies ever being married to Judith Babirye

“Love is like a rumour; everyone talks about it but no one truly knows it.”

Don’t ask me about the author of the quote because truthfully, I also don’t know. Even a simple Google search on my computer won’t give me the answer I’m looking for.

However, the quote relates to Buikwe North MP Paul Ssebulime’s relationship with fellow MP and gospel singer Judith Babirye.

Close to two years ago, the two made headlines when they decided to go public about their love relationship. But this only lasted for only 17 months before they decide to call it quits.

While addressing his constituents recently, MP Ssebulime claimed he had never been married to the Nzijjukira singer, insisting that he was only introduced to her parents in a traditional ceremony.

He also asked those who think he’s promiscuous to stop judging him claiming that there is no man on earth with only one sex partner.

Trying to copy when Jesus said, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” (John 8:7), the MP offered Shs50,000 to anyone in the crowd that had gathered to listen to him, to step in front if they were ready to swear not to have ever cheated on their partner.

He also claimed that he was raised in a good home and is a Christian man that can never expose his marital issues to the public.

“I am still having fun, I have never been tired of it and anyone that comes to me I won’t talk about them,” he said.

The two MPs got married on July 27, 2018, but their marriage only lasted 17 months after Ssebulime filed for divorce claiming he hadn’t seen or heard from Judith Babirye for a while and that she never made any attempts to communicate with him.

Ssebulime also told the court that he didn’t have any children with Babirye since she maintained her home, which she used to live in even when the two had gotten married, only visiting him once in a while.

He also accused Babirye of denying him sex and only offered when she wanted.

Judith who fled to Massachusetts in the U.S abandoning parliament and her marriage was rumoured to be pregnant but no one ever made it clear who the father of the baby was.

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