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East African women are beautiful but Ugandans win

Slim Prince

SLIM PRINCE: Nigerian Singer Prince Alalu, commonly known as Slim Prince, might soon be mistaken for a Ugandan. He has recorded songs with Winnie Nwagi, John Blaq and Tyler Himself, and was in Uganda recently to shoot a video titled Water Booty. Lawrence Ogwal caught up with him on his relationship with Uganda and his music career.

You are almost becoming Ugandan, tell us about how you started working with Ugandan artistes.

I knew very little about Ugandan music until 2018 when I came to Kampala to witness my cousin’s marriage to a Ugandan. My eyes and ears were open to Ugandan music and I fell in love with the culture. One month later, I was already looking for how to work with a Ugandan artiste and the first was Winnie Nwagi, with whom I did Fire Dancer.

You were recently in Uganda to shoot a video for your new song. What was so special that you came back here?

Yes, my new song Water Booty was recorded in Nigeria but it was inspired by the beautiful East

African women, especially Ugandans. The song is basically in respect for all the girls with a big bum bum and Uganda is one of the masters of ‘water booty’ in the world. So, after seeing people such as Winnie Nwagi and many others, I decided to come back here because it is the source of all the beautiful women in East Africa.

Ugandans only got to know you after your collaboration with Winnie Nwagi, tell us a bit about your career journey.

I have been in the game for some time but mainly as a songwriter, I have written songs for big names such as D’banj and Skales but I took a long break to study at the University of Music in Gothenburg, Sweden. Back home, I have songs with L.A.X, Timaya and Skales and they will be dropping soon. I will share them with Ugandan music promoters so that people in Uganda can dance to them as well.

As someone who comes from one of the top musical exporting countries to the world, what do you think about music in Uganda?

Ever since I came to Uganda in 2018, everybody even back in Nigeria knows that I love Ugandan music and  I think it is developing very fast and currently I rate Ugandan music at number three after Naija and South Africa.

Has the coronavirus affected you musically?

The coronavirus came for us. I am currently in Europe where I came to perform but five of my upcoming shows have been cancelled and others postponed. I cannot travel to Nigeria until the coronavirus is contained.

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