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Sheilah Gashumba demands wedding after father receives flowers 

By now, all of you who were meant to receive flowers, chocolate, or any gifts this love month must have received them on Friday (Valentine’s day). 

While some of you received a single rose or just a bouquet of flowers, city businessman Frank Gashumba received a whole ‘flower garden’. Well, not entirely, but the flowers he received could have caused inflation somewhere (see video). 

Anyway, in a video on Facebook, Mr Gashumba said the flowers were from a friend. 

“She’s just a friend, no attachment at all. Let us learnt to appreciate people when they are still alive. Thank you so much for these flowers, because I love flowers so much, may Allah reward you,” he said in a video. 

His daughter Sheilah Gashumba is however not about to accept that the flowers were from a mere friend. 

While sharing the video on her Facebook wall, Sheila said she was happy for her dad and wondered when the two were getting married. 

Olalala!! Whoever did this for my dad needs a gift from me and I need to meet you because if you break his heart, we won’t be on good terms ???????What a beautiful surprise ??Now when is the wedding ???? I’m happy for you dad!! Such a thoughtful girlfriend ????” 

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