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‘I give Rema five days to apologise’ – Chris Evans

A Youtube video grab of a scene in Rema and Chris Evan’s Linda song. PHOTO| COURTESY


“The energy she used was uncalled for, on top of utterly embarrassing me,” Evans



Revellers at Rema’s show, “Rema Live in Concert” over the weekend witnessed drama, when Chris Evans joined her on stage during her performance, at Hotel Africana.
It was quite the introduction when Rema uttered certain remarks towards Evans saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you this gentleman who was hit 10 times by a hummer but survived. He also doesn’t have Valentine’s date.” The singer, however, played it cool and hit the stage and proceeded with his performance.
But while singing their hit song Linda, Chris Evans added the name Eddy Kenzo in a line. He jokingly said, “That is how Kenzo used to say. I love you so much Rema and when I’m not around, I send Dr Hamza as a messenger to come and watch over you.” What he did not know that this would anger the songstress. It annoyed her so much prompting her to start acting strange while dragging him off the stage by the hand.

This dampened the mood for a bit at the concert but after a while, things turned back to normal.
However, the news now is that Chris Evans seems not to have let it go, and has given Rema five days to apologise to him, after the damage made during her Valentine’s show.
“I thought this was an ordinary joke like we always do because she had joked about my hummer incident and I also joked about Kenzo because truthfully, the song was about Kenzo. She overreacted but what I didn’t know is if our jokes are limited to one person and I would also have been okay with it if she had sent me a script,” he stated in an interview on TV.

“I have given her five days to apologise to me. The energy she used was uncalled for, on top of utterly embarrassing me,” he said.

“She’s a mature person and I think it’s the right thing to do because we have helped each other in this industry; for example, it’s me who took her to manager Kayemba. So musically, I think that is a very big part I played in her career.”
Chris Evans further stated that he doesn’t hold any grudge against anyone.

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