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Former Bobi Wine ally Bosmic returns, excites Kitgum revellers

Converted. William Otim, aka Lucky Bosmic, and singer Bebe Cool during the recent NRM delegates conference at Namboole stadium. PHOTO BY JIMMY KWO

Former People Power vocal coordinator for Acholi Sub-region, William Otim, better known by his stage name as Lucky Bosmic, has got a new lease of life. He was unconditionally allowed to perform at this year’s Kitgum District Business Leaders Forum event.

Only towards the end of last year, Bosmic was barred by security and political officials from performing at a musical show to launch the 2019 Acholi Cultural Festival at Bomah Hotel in Kitgum town.

At the time, a joint force of soldiers and police officers surrounded the hotel and blocked Bosmic from performing. And this memory was still fresh in the minds of the town’s revellers. But the organisers of this year’s Kitgum District Business Leaders Forum have given the nod to Bosmic to perform at the closure of the two-week trade show that ends in the wee hours of Monday night.

Earlier, the organisers had remained tight-lipped on Bosmic’s appearance – keeping it close to their chest, perhaps due to doubts and fears of whether he would be allowed to perform. Similar doubts and apprehensions were expressed by the public. But those fears were settled, when at about 2pm, the unmistakable sound of lakubukubu (a local Luo music genre) song, one of Bosmic’s earliest songs, belted out from the loudspeakers.

Immediately, a frenzy of sorts ensued. There were shouts of excitement from the crowd. Patrons abandoned their tables and beers and as everyone rose to catch a glimpse of the man they have been waiting for.

“It is Bosmic Otim!” Some revellers excitedly shouted above the din of the lakubukubu music now blasting away.

Those at the edges of the Kitgum Public Primary School playground swarmed the edges of the arena in the centre of field.  After two or so minutes of waiting, a much louder cheering and shouts rang out as Bosmic made a triumphant entry onto the stage – dressed in that white suit, the one he donned as he took a photo with music star Bebe Cool at the Nelson Mandela Stadium Namboole, just outside Kampala, which made rounds on social media.

Bosmic then wasted no time as the lakubukubu song faded and he launched into his legendary verbal attacks on his perceived or real political detractors.

Turn of fortunes

The turn of good fortune for Bosmic seems to come from his defection from Bobi Wine’s People Power formation to NRM party.  On the eve of NRM’s national conference, President Museveni in a surprise move, met and converted Bosmic away from People Power. His fans were shocked, with some saying his pictures with the President, published on social media, were photo shopped. Bosmic has been an acerbic critic of President Museveni, his ministers and NRM party.                                              But soon, more new pictures were released with Bosmic attending the NRM conference at Namboole, on the outskirts of Kampala city. He was also pictured in the company of pop artiste and NRM party diehard Bebe Cool.

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