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Swangz Avenue’s new singer Azawie drops 5-truck EP

A few months ago, Swangz Avenue announced that they had signed a new artiste called Azawieto the record label. Several critics, and music consumers were skeptical about whether she would be successful or end up being one of those artistes who fail once signed by a record label.

The first single she released under the label was titled ‘Quinamino’ and it got a good reception. It is because of this that the label decided to take things a notch higher by releasing an EP for the artiste. For starters, an Extended Play record often referred to as an EP, is a musical recording that contains more than one song but doesn’t qualify as an album.

Azawie’s EP dubbed ‘Lo fit’ has five tracks including ‘Quinamino’, Repeat It’ and ‘Lo fit’ which is the lead single on the EP among others. She was quick to point out that she’s a versatile artiste depending on what mood she is in.

“When I’m creating my music, I don’t care about the genre. It goes with the vibe. Music is an expression and I am versatile,” she said.

The EP was launched in a small ceremony that saw journalists and friends of Swangz Avenue come together at their offices in the industrial area to enjoy this experience.

Azawie (L), Vinka(M) and Nwagi(R)

Azawie showed maturity on the stage, she was confident and she executed her songs well as she commanded the band and engaged the audience. During her performance, she invited Winnie Nwagi and Vinka who are Swangz Avenue artistes to join her in singing ‘Quinamino’, perhaps signifying that there is no conflict of interest at the label.

The songs on the EP were written by Azawi herself and produced by the legendary Kuseim at Fresh Records while ‘Crazy Lover’ was produced by Twisky LuoBoy.

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