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Stop joking about my situation- Pallaso speaks out

Ugandan recording artiste, songwriter, producer and videographer Pius Mayanja, popularly known as Pallaso is nursing wounds after he was reportedly attacked in South Africa. He had gone to SA to shoot a video for his new song.

In his Facebook live video last night, Pallaso claimed it was a ‘xenophobic’ attack. 

However, a number of social media commentators have dismissed his claims, with some arguing that he could be using it as a stunt to get media attention. 

But the artiste has hit back at critics and told them that he owes no one an explanation. 

“My fellow Ugandans joking about my situation I want to inform you ‘Xenophobia’ is real. I am not in court and I don’t owe anybody an explanation but the greatest part of it is I’m still alive,” he said in a post on his Facebook page. 

After the ‘attack’, a video of people throwing stones at a Mercedes Benz vehicle was circulated on social media. Those who shared them claimed that was in the vehicle in which Pallaso was seated at the time he was attacked. 

However, critics dismissed the claim and said the vehicle could belong to anyone else. But in his post, Pallaso explained that the vehicle belongs to his friend and it was destroyed after he fled from the scene of the attack. 

“This here is not a Nigerian owned car as claimed, this is Deno Kiwunya’s Mercedes car being demolished after I fled the scene under mob attacks. The same car I was seated in before all this happened. As you can see it parked on the roadside next to the shop we went to buy food at. I was attacked because I am in South Africa and I’m not South African,” he said. 

He cautioned all of his fans who were dismissing his side of the story and those spreading ‘false’ news to stop. 

“This is very sad. You will take it lightly but remember today it’s me tomorrow it’s someone else and it could be someone you love. Death flashed very closely in my face yesterday and tomorrow you or your loved one might not be as lucky as me to survive the attack. Please world wake up.” 

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