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Rude Boy evokes P-Square and Mowzey Radio memories


And he did it for Radio. Photo by Kelvin Atuhaire

Nigerian artiste Rude Boy was in Uganda to perform at Lugogo cricket Oval on Valentine’s Day. Unlike the previous times that he has been performing in Uganda, this was a special occasion as he came as a solo artiste not as P-Square.

The twins separated about three years ago and they are now doing solo projects. They had previously performed in Uganda thrice as a group and never on their own. During his press conference on Wednesday, Paul Okoye (Rude Boy) refused to comment about his brother and what the future holds for both of them but during the show, he attributed his success to P-Square.

Revellers trying to get a photo of Rude Boy. Photo by Kelvin Atuhaire

“I will always give it up for P-square because without the group, there would be no Rude Boy,” he said before telling the crowd that his performance is going to be a mixture of his own songs and those they did as P-Square.

The artiste kicked off his performance 15 minutes to midnight and several sections in the audience were worried that he might perform for only 15minutes, going by the KCCA law of all outdoor concerts must end at midnight but they were in for a surprise as he performed till 1.30am.

Photo by Kelvin Atuhaire

Rude Boy performed songs such as ‘Audio money’, ‘Double double’, ‘Together’, ‘call heaven’, ‘Fire fire’, and ‘Reason with me’, which he performed three times. Among the older songs he did included ‘No easy’, ‘Temptation’, ‘say your love’, ‘No one like you’, Bizzy buddy’, ‘Beautiful Onyinye’ and ‘Chop my money’ among others but the emotional and memorable part about the show was his tribute to Mowzey Radio.

Cindy worked the crowd with her Boom Party hit song and inviting dance strokes. Photo by Kelvin Atuhaire

Rudeboy suddenly removed his jacket, exposing a black t-shirt with the late Goodlyf artiste’s picture with words “We doing this for Radio” before performing ‘Nakudata’, where he was joined by Weasel and Chameleone.

His last act of the night was with Bebe Cool with whom they performed their recent collaboration ‘Feelings’. Earlier on, Chameleone, Cindy, John Blaq, Sheeba Karungi, Roden Y, Spice Diana and Clever Jay had warmed up the stage for the Nigerian artiste while comedians Bizonto, Mighty Family and Kalela among others cracked people’s ribs.

However, before Chameleone and Cindy’s performance, there was a sound and lighting glitch that took approximately ten minutes to rectify but we were later informed that Balaam intentionally ordered for them to be distorted because his balance of the agreed amount for sound, lighting and stage hadn’t been cleared. After coming to an agreement, everything was restored and the concert went on.

Rude Boy with Bebe Cool perfoming feelings. Photo by Kelvin Atuhaire

Despite the disorganisation at the entrance where there was difficulty in accessing the venue because of poor coordination, the show was a success.


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