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Revellers get on trip down memory lane

Omukebete and others perform school rhymes. PHOTO BY GABRIEL BUULE

Comedian David Katende better known as Omukebete will forever be grateful 2018. For this is the year he not only won himself Shs3m after emerging the winner of The Comic competition but also broke out as a comedian.

And this year, he might just have earned himself a seat at the table of true comedians if the successful show he held at the weekend is anything to go by.

Omukebete had his one-man show at National Theatre and the turn up was more than expected. It was not a full house but good enough for a debut from a budding comedian.

Donning a short-sleeved purple shirt, khaki shorts and black shoes which have since become his trademark, the comedian stepped on stage with an interesting introduction: “My name is Mwami Katende, son of Maamuuke. I come from a very poor family; our poverty is very poor in that they could not pay for my fees. I’m the most successful product of UPE.”

The show was dubbed Omukebete Speech Day and he mostly cracked jokes about the difference in the education sector. For example he asked the audience if there is anyone who studied from a private school and then related the languages used both in private and UPE schools. He said while students from private schools refer to it as eating porridge, those in UPE schools refer to it as drinking porridge and eating posho.

The most interesting session, however, was when he came on stage with a group of people and together they sung school rhymes as if they were at a speech day. They sang, debated and acted, awakening nostalgic memories among the audience.

The show, attended by Omukebete’s parents, was hosted by fellow comedian Okello Okello.

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