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Rema lights up Africana at Valentine’s concert

Rema’s grand entance. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

A few days to Rema’s concert, the venue was changed. Well not really changed but the concert was moved from Nile Hall Africana Hotel to People’s Space. Apparently Rema’s concert sold out before the D-day and they decided to create more space for her fans by building a dome. Friday evening was an incredibly love-filled night for fans and lovers who thronged Hotel Africana to watch Rema live in concert. It was simply the perfect setting for a Valentines Night getaway.

Revellers clearly had a good time. Michael Kakumirizi

Just like her last concert, Rema didn’t have curtain raisers as she only sung with those artistes she has collaborations with and at exactly 8.30pm she descended onto the stage  seated in a hoop – like contraption as dancers who were donned in orange and white  similar to her  glittery orange outfit with the band were up in gear.

Her husband Hamza joined her on stage to thank revellers for their support. Michael Kakumirizi

She kicked off her performance with ‘Fire Tonight’ that put the revellers in the mood for an interesting night. A few minutes into her performance her husband Dr. Hamza Sebunya was ushered into the dome and the excited crowd couldn’t help but scream. The excitement led to a pause during the show which resumed a few minutes after and worked her way through a medley of her hit love songs like ‘Deep in love’, ‘Atuuse’ and her breakthrough single ‘Oli Wange’ sending lovers in the house over the moon with excitement as they got caught up in the moments.

When he mentions your irrelevant ex. Chris Evans and Rema doing thier collaboration. Michael Kakumirizi

The first session of the show did not disappoint as it ended with a performance from Chris Evans after the two performed their collaboration ‘Linda’ that almost got him chased off stage because he mentioned Kenzo who is Rema’s ex-fiance.

She kicked off the second part of the show dressed in a beautiful glowing white dress which brought memories of her kwanjula lit dress in the minds of some revellers as they overheard saying “omwana ayagala ebigoye ebyaaka” loosely translated as she loves glowing outfits. She performed a few songs before her husband surprised her with a valentine present on stage.

Rema and Ykee Benda singing ‘Whistle’ Michael Kakumirizi

Clad in a black fitting leather pantsuit and gold chains she started the third session with a unique fashion show case from her dancers as she sang along with the band. Ykee Benda then joined her to sing ‘Whistle’. The highlight of the night however was when she performed her collaboration with the B2C trio.

Rema with B2C doing Gutujja

The artistes shared the stage effortlessly fully entertaining the crowd with their energetic performance of ‘Gutujja’. She crowned the night with her latest single ‘Clear’ and thanked her fans for their unwavering support.

“I am truly grateful to all of you who have continued to support me and show me love with each and every step over the years. Thank you so much and I love you!” she said in emotionlly-tinged moment.

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