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Rema booed by fans off stage

Rema might have moved on with her heart, but the demons of her past relationship seem to still be haunting her. Last week, as the US Mission Kampala together with the Makerere University School of performing arts celebrated the lives of people that led millions of slaves to freedom in the US at Freedom Square, a number of artistes were lined up to perform. Among those was Rema.

However, midway her performance, some of the revellers started yelling ‘Kenzo… Kenzo’. She ignored them until they stopped. But that did not happen for her second session because when she returned on stage with other artistes, they resumed the calling and it was only Navio that saved the day:

“This is my little sister by the way. She’s called Namakula.” He gently brought her close to him and she was seen thanking him. Bambi.

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